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Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce landfill pollution from improper recycling management.

Business Meeting

Climate Change. Responsibility. Save Money

  • Successful marketing campaigns – travelers are seeking out eco-friendly places to stay

  • Green Office Rankings. TripAdvisor ranks offices that engage in environmentally friendly practices

  • Long-term monetary savings

  • Environmental regulations are being enforced

  • Office industry’s responsibility to “Make a Difference”

How to Start

  • Educate your employees

  • Appoint a “team member” to oversee sustainability efforts to ensure they are the priority

  • Audit – water and energy consumption

  • Recycle waste – ensure your office recycles by having bins with clear, easy instructions

  • Use environmentally friendly products as often as you can

  • Make your business “GREEN”

  • Help employees and clients to unplug when not utilizing their technology, turn off the lights, reuse all items possible. Impose strong e-recycling policies beginning with an easily located bin for collections.

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10 Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly Office

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Our Mission: Resources & Tips
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