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Our Expertise

  • We provide 10+ years of eco-friendly disposal of electronics, office/medical equipment, and all other related furnishings. Our clients include hotels, government agencies, large office centers, school districts, and hospitals. We understand the complexities of working with both large and small scale boutique tenants.

  • For technology, all hard drives are destroyed to DOD standards first and then tested for functionality. Certificates of Data Destruction are presented upon completion of the project.

office supply room

Our Process

  • Upon a visual inspection of the products, we present a proposal on how best to remove them from the premises without any destruction of the items.  Upon delivery to our warehouse, our inspection team carefully reviews records and inspect each item for functionality and repurposing.  Those items found to be in our high standards for refurbishment will be disseminated to our partners to be resold or donated. This permits Offices Go Green and our clients like yourselves to know that there are steps to avoid the landfills and meet the requirements of the environmental agencies for compliance.  

  • Data security is at the forefront in today’s hyper-rich data compromising environment.  Any items that do not meet these standards will either be re-distributed to another refurbishment firm or recycled to avoid the environmental impact on the landfills. 

  • With a business’s imminent renovation or closure, we understand the pressure and financial impact that this may have on the overall brand.  We propose a cost-effective way to process and handle all your items.  

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Where We Begin

  1. The office will invite our inspection management team to review firsthand all items the firm chooses to de-install and recycle.  

  2. We issue a proposal including a detailed review of what is salvageable, timeline, insurance certificate, dates for removal, and draft agreement.

  3. Offices Go Green upon completion of removal will issue an itemized summary of all items and their intended destination. We will also issue your a certificate of recycling for your local compliance regulations.

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